Blockchain Consulting

Businesses across the globe are aiming to transition and adapt to digital wallets/cryptocurrency solutions. We provide Blockchain Consulting Services to make this transition quick and seamless. As a result-driven, emerging blockchain development organization, we provide Blockchain consulting services for organizations across all industrial sectors to guide and assist them in transitioning towards a cryptocurrency-based business.

At Captain Blockz, we employe data-driven and result-oriented approach to design and develop and build secure & reliable IT and hardware solutions necessary to lead your organization into a blockchain-oriented business.


Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange involves the purchase and sale transactions of digital currency/cryptocurrency. This B2Broker cryptocurrency exchange enables the customers to exchange assets such as dollars to bitcoins, etc. We assist businesses in exchanging/trading 18 different pairs of currencies for cryptocurrencies by default, such as dollars, euros, rubles, etc.

At CaptainBlockz, we assist businesses through the process of licensing, registration, traders’ rooms, cryptocurrency exchange/trade rooms, order matching, trading platforms and liquidity among others.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets transactions include deposits, withdrawals, chargeback and pre-authorisation that enable customers/users to perform all kinds of wallet transactions (wallet deposits and wallet expenses). Digital wallets enable users to create and manage personal accounts and perform online transactions using mobile phones to make purchases or pay bills. At Captain Blockz, we assist your business in the design and development of digital wallet solutions for your business that enable fast and easy online money transfers, while being integrated with a central banking system.


Blockchain Application Development

As a newbie to the world of cryptocurrency, it is essential for businesses to analyse, identify and develop use-case-based blockchain applications that are customized as per individual business needs. At Captain Blockz, we design, develop custom or generic blockchain applications for both web-based and mobile-based devices.

Some examples include Bitcoin exchange platforms, cryptocurrency payment gateways, wallet applications, ethereum applications, ICO development, token exchange services, casino software and digital gift cards among others.